Change your life with this ONE thing.


About a year ago, I found an old recording of a discussion between me and someone I go to for advice. In the recording I express that deep down, all I really want to do is stop working and travel. This simple confession was one I was extremely afraid to admit to myself. I had all the typical excuses that it wasn’t possible; A long term boyfriend, an impossibly great apartment in manhattan, an exciting new job for a start up, and my biggest excuse of all, no money. The risk of losing what I did happen to have filled me with dread and panic.

Que to this current moment. I have been traveling without a steady job and living abroad for over three years, with no plans to stop. In the end, I lost all of the things I thought I needed, and I’ve never been happier.

All I changed was one thing; I got honest with myself about the life I actually wanted to live. My heart and soul craved a life of spontaneity, adventure, and flow, that deep down I didn’t believe was possible. I didn’t have one clue how I was gonna create that life, so I fooled myself that I ‘had to’ take jobs that didnt inspire me to survive, or that I ‘should be’ steady and settled. All I know is that as soon as I admitted to myself what I truly desired, the massive doors of new possibility opened in my life.

A mere month later, I discovered an (at the time) little known website called Airbnb. I set my apartment up to have renters, I bought a backpack , booked a one way ticket to Bangkok, and I never looked back.

On that trip I learned that I could survive on under twenty dollars a day, and that money in no way could buy happiness. I learned about the kindness of strangers and what it felt like to rely on yourself. I learned that no matter how crazy the situation, there is always a solution close at hand.

For example, just a year and a half later, I lost that same apartment which had so easily supported my initial travels. I remember receiving the dreaded phone call while I was in Peru that I had to move out, and despite my deepest fears of no steady income, I just knew something else was gonna work out. Two years later, despite that loss, I am still living my free nomadic lifestyle.

Throughout my travels I have proven the power of ‘getting honest with myself’ repeatedly. Leaving a conventional lifestyle doesn’t mean leaving your all fears behind, and I have been challenged again and again to believe in the impossible.

I have managed to keep this one promise to myself: to never compromise myself, my guidance, and my truth for anything, even when that truth makes NO logical sense. While that promise hasn’t always been easy, I have managed to find unconventional ways to continue living a life that opens my heart, expands me, thrills me, lifts me up, and aligns with the core of who I am.

I truly believe when you do this one thing, every power available to you – the universe, your higher self, your soul, god, whatever you want to call it- finds a way to support you in making your deepest desires happen. All it takes is honesty, trust, and the first steps into the unknown.

So, ask yourself, if you could do anything in the world… if money wasn’t an obstacle… if obstacles didn’t even exist at all… what would you be doing now? I dare you to to be honest, REALLY honest, and see what happens.

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