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Transformational Facilitation/Coaching Sessions

Over the phone/skype or in person, I offer personalized transformation sessions. I have spent the last 15 years honing my intuition and gifts of sight to support the emergence of a person’s most vast, expansive and truth based self.  Approaching from the mystical level of creation, we open together to the magic, gifts, and transformation awaiting each person in that moment. My personal connection to quantum based miracles and above the forest perspective holds space for the individual to transform on a profound level.

The goals and structure of the sessions varies with each person.

Topics addressed but not limited to:

  • The experience of blocks
  • Feeling something ‘isn’t right’
  • Relationships
  • Highly sensitive individuals
  • Existential crisis
  • Soul guidance
  • Living your highest purpose

Please contact me for more information and pricing.


I am continually amazed and thrilled by Erin’s ability to see such subtle and profound characteristics and issues within me and to help me transform so quickly and profoundly. Her attention easily traverses worlds and she knows, for example, if the area needing attention is in the energy field, the light field, the quantum, the ego, etc. If you add this to her loving, accepting heart, you have a masterful combination.

– JS, Activist 

Erin has been present for and guided some of the most transformative experience I’ve had in my life. Her cacao ceremonies helped me listen more closely to my heart and make such important changes in my life. I love her as a teacher, and as a friend

– Erin Richards, Actress

I am buzzing in a bubble of joy wrapped in light from my session with Erin. She is authentic, articulate, inspiring and nurturing. She felt my heart and understood what it truly wanted. She was thorough and filled my body with light. Reflecting my souls work back to me, I felt my own power and safety. I would absolutely recommend anyone to Erin who is seeking to check in with themselves and heal their blockages.

-Paige Nicole

Not that this needs to be quantified or made relative but my experience in your ceremony was not only my best ever cacao ceremony by far, but one of the most profound experiences of my life. You are a very gifted angel!

– Joseph M., Naturopath

Erin, Erin, Erin, what can I say… your work has changed my life in a profound and beautiful way like nothing ever has in the past. It has inspired new ideas and has revitalized a side of me I wasn’t even aware was dormant. The cacao, sweet music and lovely intentions really were a one way ticket to the moon.

– Ashley E. 

Erin has so much embodied in her presence. There is a depth of love and power that literally shift me into the core of myself and from that space literal miracles occur. I highly recommend anyone to experience the fullness available through time spent with her! It is life changing, pure and simple 

-Dr. Ann Marie Tommie, Endocrinologist

Receiving guidance from Erin allows oneself to unravel the layers cloaking one’s truest self which can so easily be tucked away, disguised or lost. Countless times, I’ve turned to Erin for direction or an answer and every time – through her patient, whole-hearted listening and delving – I’ve walked away one step closer to understanding and embracing not only myself but life itself.

– Annie Hamm

What started as a casual conversation eventually slid into a truly transcendental experience. For the first time in memory, I felt connected to the truth behind the veil of waking consciousness. I was able to release much of what had been feeding the destabilizing emotions, and was reminded that our purpose is so much bigger than the trials of our day-to-day human experience. At times I felt unequipped to deal with the sensations and emotions that were coming up, but Erin remained calm, encouraging, non-judgemental and confident, and gently walked with me through the experience. I left feeling a sense of peace and faith that I hadn’t felt in quite some time, and with a stronger sense of confidence in my ability to recognize and protect myself against situations, people and thoughts that don’t serve me. I am so grateful to Erin for having facilitated such an important turning point in my life, and for her generosity and grace. I would warmly recommend working with Erin to anyone looking for guidance, healing or a means to connect inwards.

–Kate Giesbecht

Thank you so much for your wisdom and the connection you foster with the subtleties. Your tap on source is rich and inspiring! As is your clarity of vision. The way you use language so artfully and precisely made it easy for me to access and integrate the generous upgrades you gave me. Since our meeting, I feel more in my power and consciously connected and utilizing the magic within me. Blessings, appreciation, love,

– Seevone See

Music and Sound Healing

Please listen to my soundcloud recordings to hear samplings of my music

Cacao Ceremony



‘When the hearts of man have closed, cacao will emerge from the jungle to open them once again’

– Mayan Proverb

In 2013, I spent 8 months living in Guatemala studying cacao as plant medicine with a cacao shaman. When I left Guatemala, I knew it was imperative for me to bring this type of sacred cacao to more people around the world.

I facilitate private cacao sessions or ceremony.

One on One: The cacao assists in deepening and opening your connection to yourself. It grounds people into their hearts and and feelings, helping people move through ‘stuckness’ or ‘blocks’. Sessions are done in person and usually go 2-3 hours.

Ceremony: Using guided meditation, music, sharing, and healing techniques to hold a space of release and transform.  People experience deep heart opening, release of trauma and emotion, and a heightened awareness of self.

Notes: I use pure Central American criollo  bean from Guatemala, specifically sourced to increase inner connection, without a jittery caffeinated feeling. The cacao is lightly roasted, hand peeled to ensure quality, and minimally processed to retain its full potency of active ingredients.

Please contact me to inquire about setting up a ceremony for your retreat group or friends, pricing and availability.

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